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KBC is an acronym It is one of the biggest game show of Indian TV. The show was first coined in the light of famous British program Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Anybody who wants to become a crorepati needs to join this game show using KBC Head office number. The head office of KBC is located at Mumbai.

KBC Head Office Number| KBC 2000-2018

It was the first show of this kind. In 2000 initially it was broadcasted for the first time on famous Indian channel Star Plus. Three seasons of the game show were broadcasted on star plus from 2000-2007. This was the peak time of the game where it experienced a massive popularity and fame. Afterwards, since 2010 Sony TV became the secondary medium for airing this show.

How to enter in KBC game show| KBC head office number kbc team contact number

Anyone, from all around the globe can easily become the part of India’s biggest game show through KBC head office number. The game show is aimed at luring people to make fortune through their general knowledge. The main theme of the show entails the invitation of common people through all walks of life, so that they can make their dreams and wishes become reality.

Another reason of popularity of this game show initially was its host i-e Amitabh Bachan. He became the first one to host this KBC game show. This became one of the most important reasons of its popularity. His hosting skills and ultra charming personality were too much lucrative to lure in massive amount of people in the game show. If you are one of those who want to unleash their skills and prove themselves, then KBC is the best platform. The world will get to know you, that how much intelligent you are. To do this you simply need to get the relevant KBC head office number and inform the authorities about your interest in it. kbc head office mumbai contact number

KBC Head Office Number (Contact Information)

This KBC head office number will assist you in multiple ways. You can avail a lot of information on it through KBC head office number. After contacting this number will unleash information about Lottery structure, Lottery draw, Lottery number, Lottery winner list, Lottery certification and Lottery Tickets etc. kbc ke head office ka number

Here, in this content material we have tried our level best to incorporate all the relevant information that anyone requires to take part in KBC game show. You don’t need to go anywhere else. You can use this KBC head office number to gain information about the procedures of how to enter the game show. Additionally, you can also take part in the lottery and avails lottery tickets. The head office of KBC in Mumbai takes care of all the processes when you contact them on KBC head office number. There is a simple procedure in which you have to provide different information i-e your name, Contact Information, CNIC etc. Once shortlisted in the lottery you are going to see live host and audience and will get a chance to make your own fortune.

KBC game show (Format)

KBC head office number is the only source of entering the game show. It will give you all relevant information and the complete process of induction. Since the beginning, this game show has undergone several phases, in terms of hosts, episodes and other main features. Some of the main changes are

Season 1: 2000–01

This was the starting of the game show, when KBC was first premiered on July 3rd2000. It was hosted by Amitabh Bachan. At that time the grand prize offered to contestants was 1 Crore Indian Rupees. This season was ended on 2001.

Season 2: 2005–06

On 5 August 2005, the show was restarted after four years, and it was renamed Dwitiya or KBC 2. In this phase of KBC the game show offered to maximum 2 Crores Rupees. When the host got ill in 2006 the show was abruptly ended by STAR Plus. It was planned that the host will to recontinue to film the remaining episodes after his recovery, but the illness never allowed him to do so. That is why the show was ended. At that time a lot of people use KBC head office number to enter the show.

Season 3: 2007

In the third season of the show the TV channel recruited Shahrukh Khan as the next host of the show. The grand prize of 2 Crores remained the same. The started being aired on 22 Jan 2007. And that season was ended on 19 April 2007. It also undergone a massive drop in TRP’s due to the sudden change of the host Amitabh Bachan.

Season 4: 2010

This was the turning point of the show. The 4th season was started with the returning of the previous host Amitabh Bachan on 11 Oct 2010. It was again renamed and called KBC 4, with the tagline “Koi BhiSawalChotaNaiHota”. The most important thing that happened in this season was the transition of transmission channel from the STAR Plus to the SONY TV. Even the new logo was designed to for this season. This season ended on 9 December 2010.

Season 5: 2011

The fifth season was also hosted by the same host in 2011. It was premiered on 15 Aug 2011 on the Independence Day of India and ended on 17 Nov 2011. All the format and procedures were same as the previous season. In fact, some additions were made to this season i-e a new segment called Play at       Home was introduced for the people to take part in the game show using KBC head office number and win the exciting money prizes. 

Season 6: 2012–13

This was the biggest achievement of this game show that it kept going and going. The people demanded more and more. That is why the show kept going. In 2012 and 13 the sixth season was aired. It was labelled as KBC 6. The schedule of transmission was changed a bit in this season.

Season 7: 2013

The seventh season took place in 2013. The people were demanding more and more. It was labelled as KBC 7. And the most important change was made into it regarding the prize money offered i-e 7 Crores Rupees. The season was commenced on 6 Sep 2013. It also undergone a few minor changes regarding addition of lifelines i-e Power Paplu.

Season 8: 2014

This season was the best in terms of winners. The people won up to 7 Crores In the game show. It was commenced on 22 July 2014. At that time the show was called the KBC 8.

Season 9: 2017

In 2017 the 9th and second last season of the KBC game show took place with name of KBC 9.

Season 10: 2018

In the 10th and the last season up till now the show started registration on 6 June 2018 and started airing on Sony TV from 3 September 2018. The tagline chosen for this tenth season was KabTakRokoge. In this season particularly, the Phone-a-friend lifeline was replaced with another lifeline the Ask The Expert lifeline.

The Lifelines and Celebrity Invitation

In addition to this format of seasons and more than a decade tenure there were several other features that were supporting the popularity of this KBC game show. People were increasingly using KBC head office number to enter the game show. Some of the main features were

Gameplay:The main features that were added in the game show were related to the game play. That could only be utilized using the KBC head office number were including;


A qualifying round was introduced as the initial screening procedure. It was also called the registration period. In this phase contestants mustundergo several qualifying questions in different format, through which the screening was done.

Fastest Finger First

The selected contestants were then brought to the show studio to play the Fastest Finger First where they were asked to arrange four answers into the mentioned order in the shortest span of time. In Season 7, the format was bit changed i-e contestants would play three questions and the one who answered the most correctly in the shortest span of time would get selected to play the main game.

Main gameplay kbc helpline number india

After shortlisting the winner of Fastest Finger First, they would join the host in the “Hot Seat” to start the main gameplay. Here, he had to answer a series of multiple-choice questions on their way to win the top cash prize as per season. To help them along the way, much like its counterparts, the contestant had a set of lifelines available for them to use. With season to season the show incorporated multiple lifelines for the contestants. It all depended on the format being used.


  • Audience Poll (Ask the Audience)
  • 50:50
  • Phone-A-Friend
  • Flip the Question (Switch the Question/Switch
  • Double Dip
  • Expert Advice (Ask the Expert)
  • Power Paplu
  • Triguni (Three Wise Men)
  • Jodidaar (Partner)

KBC Head Office Number: 00191-88444111

KBC game show| Head Office Mumbai

There are few things you need to stick around i-e sometimes the line number is very much busy due to huge load, all you need to do is to try again and again. Another thing you need to keep track of is the frauds that take place in the name of KBC. There so much fraudulent callers those call you with the name of KBC and ask you to unleash your personal information. They might ask you to leak out your lottery number, CNIC or anything else and within no time contact the KBC head office because they will not be responsible for your loss. Therefore, you need to be very much vigilant. In addition to it you must immediately contact the KBC head office number mentioned here and alert them with the situation. These trap calls misdirect the deserving candidates. Pertaining to this reason, KBC uses proactive approach to save its fans from misleading activities which are not only harmful o the participants but also detrimental o the image of KBC. That is why you must use the authentic KBC helpline number and right contact number.

In addition to the monetary outcome of the game show, there are several other benefits of KBC. It is also a source of intact between the families i-e basically whenever the KBC game show goes live all the family members and friends get together to watch their favorite host and show. This game show becomes the sole reason of their get together. This is only because the format of the show is so much lucrative and attention seeking. Even the viewers while watching the game show also act as the contestants and they start guessing the answers to the asked questions. In addition to it, KBC game show also works as a source of enhancing general knowledge of the people. They get to know a lot of things and lot of answers.

Its been more than a decade that people still like the show. This is also segmented to cater all ages and all walks of life, that is why everybody likes it. Keeping in view all the other game shows of Indian TV, has broken all past records of viewership and TRP’s and has become the biggest game show of Indian TV. KBC head office number.

Since the beginning of the game show the audience is seeking to take part in it. Using the mentioned KBC head office number is the only source of entering the KBC. They are direly waiting for their turn, because they know that they can make their fortunes, they can earn a huge amount of money, they can meet their favorite host live, they can learn a lot from, they can also build up their confidence and last but no the least they can become famous on the entire Television channels.

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