KBC Winner List – Kaun Banega Crorepati 2019

KBC winner list is the best tool to analyze the number of winners of the game show. A complete list of KBC winners is published to aware the rest of the public about the opportunity of availing that chance.  It is one of the biggest game shows of Indian television which has become an icon in the entertainment sector. People from all around the world are aware of this show. It was first aired on Star Plus on the same format as the famous British show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This game show has become a source of confidence for all the Indian people and it has provided a fair chance of winning the money prize and become famous. KBC winner list also authenticates the promises that the show makes form its audience. There are total nine seasons of the KBC game show up till now and are really successful.

KBC Winner List 2019|All Seasons Winners

With the passing time a lot of people in different seasons won multiple money prizes. KBC winner list was published with time to aware the people about the cash prizes that people won. Since season 1 to season 9 different knowledgeable people were able to win these prizes.

Season Wise (KBC Winner List)Winner of Season 1|

Initially in the first season of the KBC in 2000-1 the first winner of game show was shortlisted and it was the time when the show experienced boom in its viewership and rating. For the first time, a student named HarshvardhanNawathe became the winner of KBC game show. This was the first name published in the KBC winner list. He was the first person to win a Crore Rupees. Harshvardhan was at that time preparing for the Indian Civil Services test and he received a call from KBC to play as a contestant. He was a bright and shining student and that preparation for the civil services allowed him to tackle all the questions easily. Finally, he was able to win 1 Crore rupees in KBC game show. Additionally, he was also able to prove himself as a valuable asset and gained fame through this show.

Winner of KBC Junior

At the time of first season Kbc also started a special game show for the juniors. This was categorically designed to lure in kids and to make the show popular among the adolescents. At that time Ravi Mohan Saini was only 14 years old when he participated in KBC Junior in 2001, and answered every question correctly, winning 1 crore. At that time he was a student of 10th standard when he was able to achieve this milestone. He was no doubt a talented and bright student of his time. Ravi was so talented that he was able to answer each and every question of the game show very easily due to his high general knowledge. Such students are the assets of the country. India feels very proud. Currently, due to achieving so much fame he is working as an Officer in the India Police Service.  Thumbs Up Ravi!

Season 4 Winner2010

Unlike previous cases, this time in season 4 the winner was on an exciting journey when the KBC game show called her for the audition. RahatTaslim was preparing for her medical examination with a dream of becoming a medical student and doctor.  At that time her life took a shocking turn and she got married in that tenure. And she simply became a housewife. But this was not her destiny. She had high aims and eventually she got called for the game show auditions. She was smart enough to top the initial screening test and was selected as the contestant for that day. That preparation and her ultra knowledge was the key to her success. She always wanted to study more and more. That one chance on the hot seat, and she was able to maneuver her way to the top. And she won the highest money prize of 1 Crores. Afterwards, she was really admired in the entire Indian industry and she decided to open her garment store in a mall in Giridh. The place where she was residing at that time. That moment of success and winning not only allowed her to be rich but most importantly, she gained independence of herself and her shattered confidence was rebuilt eventually.

Season 5 Winner

It was one of the most memorable moments of the KBC game show history.  At the time of Season 5 in 2011, when the show was at its peak in the tenure.  At that time a computer operator Sushil Kumar from Motihari in Bihar became the top scorer and winner of the game show. Just like everyone he also had a different story. He belonged to a humble background with a simple life.

He became the first ever person to win such a huge amount of 5 Crore rupees. At that time the maximum prize money was raised to 5 Crores form 1. He was sharp enough to answer every tricky question and won the jackpot. This was a big victory for everyone. Everyone rejoiced this victory of winning cash prize. Rumor has it, that sushil was originally awarded 3.6 crores after deducting taxes. But he was unable to use that amount wisely and he simply wasted that money in unimportant matters and he currently stands jobless.

Season 6 Winner 2012-2013

After the completion of previous seasons, the next winner of season 6 was also listed in KBC winner list. And in 2012-2013 Sunmeet Kaur became the next winner of the mega prize money. The story of Sunmeet is mind boggling. It was solely based on hard work and hope. She was dedicated member of the society with a degree in fashion designing. Despite her hard core interest in the fashion designing she was unable to pursue her career as a designer due to bindings by her in-laws. Therefore, she started a Tiffin service centre. She was able to run it efficiently but the major accident forced her to discontinue the operations and left her bed-ridden for six painful months. After recovering she could not restart those Tiffin services that are why she decided to take tuitions of students at her place and become an earning hand. That dedicated try to excel in her career allowed her to effectively teach the childrenand she started gaining more and more knowledge. This was the turning point of her life. She never knew that this acquired knowledge to further teach will serve as the string basis of her success story in KBC winner list for season 6. 

Finally, she received a call for audition in the game show and she visited. Unknowingly, she won the biggest mega prize of that time of 5 Crores.  This was the biggest moment of proud of her life. That moment gave her a boom and self confidence in her life and she was able to lift her up again. Afterwards, she started Fashion House with a friend and lately she became the sole owner of that exotic fashion house.

KBC Winner list 2019 at Game Show

Season 7 Winner KBC winner list has incorporated the names of all the winners of the game show. In this 7 season an unexpected victory took place. KBC winner list in this season included the name of a special person Taj Mohammad. He became the first contestant of the seventh season to win the mega prize. He won 1 crore rupees. The most uncommon thing about this person was that he was a history teacher by profession. And by incorporating his knowledge he was able to answer all the difficult and tricky questions of game show. Eventually, after he win the prize money by his talent, the perception of people were changed about him. Not only he changed the perception of the people, but he also utilized his prize money in a very influential way. Firstly, his main focus was to treat her daughter’s problem of partial vision impairment so that she can again become a normal person with a proper vision. Secondly, his main focus was to provide a permanent shelter for his family and he bought a house for them. Lastly, he used the remaining amount of his prize money for a social cause, so that he can play a prominent role in the betterment of the society. Therefore, he funded the marriage of two orphan girls. He took the responsibility of entire expenses of the ceremonies.

Season 8 Winner

One of the most prominent victories in the history of game show was witnessed in the 8th season. This was the most entertaining part of the show when KBC winner list entered the name of the Delhi Brothers in it.

At this time the prize money was raised to 7 Crores. It was a huge amount for the people of India. Temptation was a lot more than before and everybody wanted to take part in it. This was the time when Delhi Brothers, after continuous efforts of 10 years were able to become part of the KBC game show for the first time. People say that their continuous efforts paid them off.In the entire history these two brothers became the first one to win such a huge jackpot. And unexpectedly there was a huge impact of their success on their lives. A simple example was that, right after their winning they were heavily bombarded with the marriage proposals from all around the country. They knew thus was the time to start chasing their dreams. Therefore, they started investing their money on the treatment of their mother’s cancer disease. There main motive was to get their mother a world class treatment, because she was their biggest asset. Secondly, they knew the importance of revolving their money so that they can earn more and start a steady stream of revenue generation cycle. That is why, Delhi brothers opened a business of their own.KBC winner list 2019.


KBC winner list has been the major source of information on all the major success stories of all the contestants who took part in the game show so far. That is why this KBC winner list can help all of you a lot on multiple matters. It can serve as a major source of motivation for all of you. All of you can take part in this India’s biggest entertainment show and can also win this mega prizes.

In addition it KBC winner list also incorporated multiple names of lottery winners. It was when the game show also started a procedure of lottery registration for lucky lottery winners. You can easily take part in the registration of the lottery by providing essentials. Afterwards, the lucky winners are simply nominated through computer generated lucky draw and are awarded prizes. Up till now there are more than a dozen nominated winners who have been named in the KBC winner list and are rewarded with huge prize money. All these rewards are the main source of luring in lot of people for taking part in it. This is how the KBC gameshow attained its fame and such a huge amount of viewership. You can visit this place to take a look at KBC winner list and you can also apply for the lottery, no one knows you might be the lucky winner.

To make sure you get the right information, you must visit the authentic platforms and stay aware of the bogus calls and fake platforms. You also might see the fake information relating to KBC winner list and get misguided. Therefore, it is imperative to contact KBC head office number for the complete information. kbc helpline website

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